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Best Ways to Track User Activity using WordPress Audit log Plugins

6 min read
If you are running a WordPress site where there are multi-users managing and monitoring the stuff from your WordPress admin dashboard, then one thing you must make sure of is the ability to monitor the user activity on your website.

Let’s take a scenario of someone trying to brute force the login credentials of your WordPress site, or if one of the user-edited an old post, then how can you then monitor your WordPress site activity?

To tackle up the things as such for your WordPress site, if something went wrong, then you can easily be able to figure out what the problem was, who the culprit was, and finally how to fix that up!

So, buckle up and stay tuned as this article will drive you straight to show you how to track the activity on your WordPress site and then let you have a glance at some of the WordPress plugins for tracking and monitoring user activities in WordPress.

Let’s dive in!

Why to Enable WordPress Activity Monitor and Logs?

In several cases, a user sometimes unintentionally makes mistakes that can lead to the break of your WordPress site. With the monitoring of activity logs, you can easily identify which of the user made the mistake, so that you properly guide them for the best practices for the future purpose.

A great example of it could be let’s say, for instance, a comment moderator approved a comment that breaches your comment guideline, then immediately you can let them know about it.

Similarly, another good example of why you should enable the activity logs could be when you are hiring a WordPress developer from any third-party sites, while they are trustworthy but sometimes just to safeguard that everything that they do is right on the track.

Some of the reasons why you should keep tracking the user’s activity and logs on your WordPress site are:

  • Strengthen up the Security – It can help you to track the activity of the failed login attempts from the spammers, so that you can take a step ahead to strengthen the login security.
  • Figuring out debugging issues – You can easily identify and see up the things like the activation and installation of the plugins by you and your users.
  • Monitoring Published Posts activity – You can easily monitor and track the activity of the uses that has the edit access to the published blogs and make sure that no one edits the posts to the later date.

Furthermore, activity logs can help you to track a vast range of activities for example from comments, publishing posts, entering invalid login details, bbPress, setting up an email notification if crucial things take place, and even tracking the WooCommerce store and products edits.

Better yet, for monitoring and managing all the above-mentioned things, the use of the WordPress Activity log plugins can make things easier for you!

Here is the list of best WordPress plugins for tracking user activity!

WP Activity Log

WordPress Audit log Plugins - WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log is a feature-rich and easy to use WordPress activity log plugin. With over 100k active installations, this plugin is one of the most popular activity log plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is useful to keep an activity log of your WordPress site. This is generally useful to ensure the user efficiency, accountability, and to know exactly what all of your WordPress site users are doing.

With the WP Activity Log plugin, you can easily manage your WooCommerce site users' activity log as it supports the WooCommerce products and stores as well.

Simple History

WordPress Audit log Plugins - Simple History

Simple History is an awesome WordPress plugin to monitor and track the recent changes made for your WordPress site, straight from your dashboard.

This robust plugin works to show the log, history, audit logs, and the version history of the key events in WordPress.

From post, pages, attachments, taxonomies, comments, Widgets, Plugins, User profiles, User logins, and even the Data export that occurs in WordPress can be easily monitored.

One of the great advantages you can get from the Simple History Plugin is that it is completely free of cost and is available to download and install from WordPress.org plugins repository.

Activity Log

Activity Log

Activity Log is a complete and an easy to use WordPress activity log plugin. If you ever thought for a solution to track and monitor your WordPress user's data, then Activity Log is a WordPress plugin that does exactly what you want for your WordPress site.

You can easily figure out the things such as if someone is trying to hack your site, the posts published by the users, any activation or deactivation of the plugin done by the users, and more.

Additionally, you can get the email notification once you define the rules for the event. This means you can get notified immediately whenever someone does something on your WordPress site.

Plus, this plugin can really monitor and track activity for the WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories, media, plugins, users, WooCommerce, bbPress, and exports.



Stream is a powerful WordPress activity log plugin that helps to display an activity stream of all the users that are logged-in in an organized way with easy filtering by user, role, context, action or IP address.

This plugin supports a multisite view of all the activity records on your network, where you can easily set the rules to exclude certain kinds of activity, and a WP-CLI command for querying records.

Additionally, the stream has an easy integration for the popular plugins like bbPress, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Yoast SEO for WordPress, and various other plugins.

Final Thoughts

While all the above-mentioned plugins are useful to monitor and track the user activity for your WordPress site, some plugins like WP Activity Log and Stream are compatible with e-commerce plugins. Back and forth, you should always choose the plugin that fits best for your WordPress site.

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