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ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin Features

The most ultimate launchpad for complex WordPress forms, a no-brainer for simple forms. User-centered design, the full-fledged features toolkit, tunable in any way you can think of. You’re gonna love it.

User-friendly Form Editor

New UI for Faster Navigation

A more straightforward and user-friendly WordPress form builder interface built for speedy navigation and productive workflow. Drag and drop the form fields, style the form in real time, apply conditional and math logic, connect your favorite email marketing automation services – all on the same screen!

Inline Editor

The plugin arms you with the unique inline editing ability to help you rapidly edit individual form fields. Create and edit the form field labels and placeholders in-place – without leaving the editor and simply typing in the needed texts. Better WYSIWYG experience, faster editing.

Basic and Advanced Field Types

Up to 30+ on-demand field types and counting! Build any imaginable type of WordPress form with dozens of fully customizable fields from simple email address & phone number to more complex ones including radio buttons, file upload, star rating, slider, signature and more. Decorate your forms with emoji, add page breaks to split long forms into shorter ones, create surveys, etc. Build complex forms easily!

Quick Live Preview

Want to see how your forms will look when you publish them? Want to check mobile and tablet viewports? The preview button is always at your fingertips – in several clicks, you’ll toggle between different devices. See how your forms will look in the wild not leaving the form editor.

Wizard-Style, Multistep & Other Advanced Forms

Plan to create long registration forms, complex surveys or the like? We’ve got you covered!
ARForms enables you to split long forms over the shorter ones to create helpful wizard-style forms. A successful multistep form technique based on the design & psychology studies will help you improve user’s emotional response to long forms.

Multicolumn & Easily Resizable

Don’t limit yourself to just one column, build more neatly organized multicolumn WordPress forms in clicks (up to six columns). A flexible column manager combined with resizable fields will help you build well-structured, fully responsive multicolumn form layouts with drag and drop. Arrange the form fields inside columns according to your preferences and use your WordPress theme space wisely.

Embedded Files

Embed third-party media files like YouTube videos or Google Maps right into your forms. ARForms plugin smoothly adapts to embedded content and delivers a tailored user experience across all modern devices.

Field Types Conversion

It’s easy to be prone to errors when creating long and complex forms. Using an option to convert the form fields, you can change the fields types in the existing forms. It’ll help you correct mistakes and still keep already collected data intact.

Live Form Designer

Responsive and Mobile-friendly Design

Forms of any length, complexity and purpose you create with ARForms are resizable to fit any viewport of modern devices, including cell phones and tablets. This will let people quickly go through the form and fill them out even on the go.

Trendy Material Design

We combined different design principles in the form styling toolkit to help you build really unique and intuitive forms in clicks. Opt for material design to communicate clarity and attraction, go with traditional design choices (rounded or standard) – it’s all up to you. For non-techniques, it’s a matter of clicks to apply the needed styling to any WordPress form.

Edit & Style Forms in Real Time

Designed to facilitate and streamline your forms’ personalization, ARForms plugin is equipped with an unparalleled live style builder. Play with colors, shapes and styles easily with dozens of styling settings, give each form a unique look and vibrant aesthetic – see all changes instantly in a real-time form editor.

15 Color Schemes

To help you spend less time on repetitive tasks, the plugin gives you access to pre-built color schemes to fit all manner of custom website schemes. Of course, you can make manual color altering if required and reach any desirable custom color scheme.

Font Settings

Take advantage of the integrated Google Fonts service! The plugin offers a simple way to make your WordPress forms a perfect fit to the whole website typography size and style. Choose and apply the needed typeface in seconds to keep the forms readable and beautiful. You are free to apply different fonts to different form sections and labels.

Background Image

Need to set a custom background image for the form to make it more catchy? ARForms plugin can handle that too. The plugin allows to upload background images for the form itself as well as form buttons.

Font Awesome Icons

Give your forms more simple, modern and friendly look by employing Font Awesome icons, which are included with ARForms. Thanks to global recognition, icons can communicate a desirable concept and message of your forms more clear. Moreover, icons just look stunning!

Custom CSS

We also have good news for advanced CSS users or WordPress developers who build websites for clients. A bit of custom CSS code will work wonders for you – customize the styles with the advanced settings and bring lightweight, tailored WordPress forms to life.

Ready-to-go Form Templates

Professional Templates

Choose from the pre-configured form templates and build your forms so much faster. We’ve added a range of form canvas consistent with the reality of different business needs: WordPress contact form, Subscription form, Feedback form, RSVP form, Job Application form and many more.

50+ Fully Designed Free Form Samples

Need a turnkey solution? We did all the form design work for you! With a collection of ready-made WordPress contact form templates of all types that you can download for free, you’ll put a stunning and functional WordPress form up literally in minutes. All samples are diverse in style, purpose and feel, so there is definitely something for you.

Template Management

Any of the templates is totally customizable so you are free to add, change or delete the fields from the pre-designed skins. You also have a great choice of designs you are free to apply to the template.

Duplicate Templates

Do you need to create and add multiple forms of the same type to your WordPress website? ARForms will save you a lot of time with a hassle-free form duplication feature. No matter whether you build a form with a template or from scratch, you can easily duplicate your custom forms for further use and customization.

Tools & Publishing

Conditional Logic

Create advanced and dynamic WordPress forms using conditional logic settings. Control the behavior of your forms based on the interactions with the site visitors – automatically show and hide fields depending on the choices the user makes. It will help you personalize and provide the most efficient form filling experience for every client.

Math Logic

If you need to enable people to use basic math operations within your forms, you can set it up with ARForms. It allows to run calculation for chosen fields using needed math formulas and properties or even calculate the payments cost in real time through the forms.

Progressive File Upload

Allow multiple file upload by users in your forms! To make the process of uploading files really quick and easy for your clients, we’ve incorporated AJAX submissions. This will make possible to see the live file uploading progress through your forms, without reloading a page.

Auto-populated Field Values

If you are familiar with values users commonly input via specific form fields (e.g. location, age, price), you can pre-populate them (set as default) to simplify and speed up the process of filling out the form for your regular users.

Autosave Form Progress

The plugin wisely deals with abandoned WordPress forms. All data of an incomplete or partially complete form is automatically saved and resumed when a user comes back to it. Provide your website visitors with a perfect form filling experience and never lose conversions on longer or multi-step website forms.

Import & Export Forms

Get backups of your forms and form entries in a software-ready format to be exported to a different website. Since you can export data selectively – forms only, entries only, or forms and entries in a bundle, you won’t need to hassle with unnecessary data.

Informative Tooltips

Want to make the form filling process a total breeze for your clients? Then think about adding extra information about chosen form field, be it simple or complex ones, with tooltips. ARForms enables you to add optional tooltip hints easily and guide users through the form filling process like a pro. On-hover and on-click tooltips are available.

Images for Checkboxes

If you build quizzes or surveys with multiple choices and need to use an image as a choice, ARForms offers this feature out of the box. Add images along with the radio buttons or checkboxes of your WordPress forms fields and create a desirable type of poll without extra plugins.

Invisible Spam Protection

Even without connecting extra plugins, ARForms comes with an intelligent spam-protection mechanism. It tracks suspicious click-related events to identify spam bots and protect your forms from malware and harmful submissions.

Free reCAPTCHA Add-on

reCAPTCHA is the most trustworthy anti-spam CAPTCHA mechanism offered by Google. It is offered for free as an extra add-on for ARForms plugin letting you save your users from a pain of solving a classic CAPTCHA. Provide a streamlined user experience to your visitors and celebrate a better form submission rate!

Easy Embeds

Apart from standard pages and posts, you can add forms created with ARForms to widgetized areas of your WordPress theme. Adding your polls, surveys and other types of forms to the website places like sidebars or footer is a matter of clicks, too!

WordPress Shortcodes

It’s easy to generate the needed plugin behavior by a set of quick and easy operations with shortcodes. Add forms with shortcodes to posts, pages, widgets and even navigation menus. Make a difference to the user experience by adding extra attributes to your shortcodes and opening them in different styles: standard, sticky and different pop-up modes.

Processing Form Entries

Duplicated Entries Prevention

ARForms provides a duplicated form entry control to supply an extra security layer for interacting with your forms, as a result, with the entire website. You can base the behavior of this functionality on the IP address interaction, apply to only currently logged-in users or to the form fields.

Confirmation Options upon Submission

Give users a chance to double check data they’ve entered by employing a confirmation mode – so upon the first submission user is given an option to go through all information once more, edit it and confirm it with the second “Submit” click. You can also make the form summary printable.

Restrict Submissions

The plugin provides a range of restriction methods to help you configure form entries restriction rules. Those rules can be based around a specific date (before, after or between two dates) or after a maximum amount of entries is reached.

Email Autoresponder

Put your emails on autopilot! Set the system to instantly send confirmation emails with your WordPress contact forms using the most convenient email server settings. Optionally send auto-reply emails to both users and admins. You may even apply preferrable conditional rules to the email autoresponder so the form sends emails only when specific rules are met.

Easy Entries Management

The plugin interface of the entries management is really self-explanatory. View and systemize data of all entries for better accountability: filter, export, edit or delete them. Perform the needed operations from one screen.


Keep track of all the form entries: compare the views and entries ratio, analyze the global entries submission rate by country and generate the needed chart reports. Using this data, you can efficiently perform A/B testing of all WordPress forms on your website in order to define and provide a better user experience for your website visitors.


Email Marketing Tools

Collect emails via your forms, then create, send and track email campaigns easily with your favorite tool! The plugin is ready to be integrated with all top popular email marketing automation services like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mad Mimi and more. The new integrations are added regularly, so it’s unlikely you won’t find your favorite one in the list.

Built-in Pop-up Forms

ARForms is not a typical WordPress contact form plugin – it’s an all-in-one solution. It allows you, without any extra add-ons or cost, to build all sorts of pop-up forms (fly, sticky, on button clicks, etc.) for different marketing purposes like a newsletter opt-in to collect leads. You can even open pop-ups from the navigation menu! Choose a wise behavior for your pop-ups (time-delay, exit-intent, auto-open and more) and improve your inbound marketing automation. Full-screen pop-up forms with different animation effects are also supported. Increase the conversion rate in the long run using ARForms and a built-in pop-up forms functionality.

Extendability and Integrations

Works with any WordPress theme

Our WordPress contact form plugin will play nicely with any WordPress theme, including sought-after ThemeForest bestsellers like Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, Enfold, Total, Uncode, the X theme, Bridge and other top choices.


You can collect personal data of your clients from the EU through your forms with peace in mind. ARForms plugin gives you several options to comply with the GDPR law: include consent requesting checkboxes before transferring data to your database, disable storing tracking data, manage and delete user’s data by their request and easily set up a privacy policy page.

On-Demand Extensions

For deeply custom-specific and advanced needs, ARForms offers a collection of optional free and premium add-ons. Extend functionality of your forms with a required cog: PDF Creator, User SignUp for user registration, Digital Signature, Post Creator for user-generated content, popular payment gateways integration and many more! Check the full list of available add-ons.

Compatible with Gutenberg Editor

ARForms smoothly integrates with the new WordPress core editor. We’ve added a custom Gutenberg block so you can choose any of the previously created ARForms forms right in the Gutenberg interface and add it to the needed page or post.

Compatible with Popular WordPress Page Builders

WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer), Cornerstone and Elementor plugins work smoothly with ARForms WordPress form creator plugin. You can use your favorite visual WordPress builder to integrate and adjust your forms.

Webhooks Connection to External Services

To further configure the form submission actions, you can use Webhooks to send all submitted data to a custom remote server (you’ll need to use URLs that support Webhooks integration).

Compatible with WPML & RTL Support

Run a multilingual website? Easily translate forms created with ARForm plugin using a top-industry WPML plugin – they are fully compatible with each other. Or, simply use a translation pack of our 12 pre-converted language versions: German, Russian, Spanish and more! RTL writing system is supported as well.

Automatic Updates

We are constantly improving our plugin so don’t be surprised to see new updates on a regular basis. You are free to update your plugin automatically from the WordPress dashboard.

Cross Browser Compatibility

In different locations worldwide people prefer different browsers. We constantly perform cross browser compatibility testing for ARForms plugin to ensure that all users see your forms the way you built them.

Support and Documentation

To help you get the most out of the ARForms plugin, we’ve created a detailed knowledge base you can access any time. Even more, we always take a closer look at all particular issues via tickets!

Tools for Developers

Developers can take the customization process even further – we provide a variety of actions and filters to customize the plugin’s behavior to suit the needs of each client.

Suggest a Feature

We are restless in our aim to make ARForms the best WordPress form builder plugin. If you don’t see the needed feature, suggest it here.

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