Our Latest Features
Flyin / Sticky Forms
ARForms has awesome ways to display forms with the websites. Just enjoy the forms with the great effect of Flyin, slide up, slide down and modal forms (Popups)
Great Form Entries Analysis Charts
ARForms comes with great analytics charts to monitor the form entries. You can analyse the entries Daily,Monthly and Yearly with our great analytics tool. You will be able to analyse overall form entries as well as specific form entries.
Advance Forms Like Wizard Style/Multi Step Supported.
Wizard and survey forms was never been so easy yet! ARForms has another powerful feature to create wizard style and survey style forms with just a single click. Divide your long forms into multiple steps and let users feel comfortable to fill the forms step wise.
Conditional Laws To Make Advanced Forms
With ARForms, you can build highly advanced forms with minimum efforts. You can set conditionally Hide / Show fields based on input of other fields. Apply conditional logic to forms which allows fields or even a whole page section to be shown or hidden based on rules.
Unique Live Form Styling Facility
Tons of styling and customization options available just here only!! ARForms has unique and very extra ordinary form styling tool to represent your each form unique with rich look. We believe that each website has different look and feel so, we have given full featured form styling tool to make forms compatible with your native theme.
Multiple Useful Input Field Elements Supported
ARForms has all the necessary fields to create almost all the types of forms. You can create registration forms, Survey Forms, Contact Forms, RSVP forms very quickly with our richest set of fields.
7 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools Integration
Subscribe your users with email marketing lists and grow your business with height of mountains peaks. ARForms has support of 7 most popular email marketing tools integration facility. Aweber,  Mailchimp, GetResponse, iContact, Constant Contact, GVo and eBizAC.  You can integrate email marketers with the help of Webform method as well as API method.
Quick And Easy Formbuilder With Easy Drag And Drop Facility
With the intuitive drag-and-drop interface of ARForms Form Builder plugin, you can create forms in no time and with just few clicks. No programming skills required to manage your forms. Create gorgeous forms without writing a single line of code with easiest form generator tool. Happy Form Building with ARForms!!
Arforms supports most popular spam protection tool recaptcha as well those who do not want to use recaptcha can use simple custom captcha too.
Fancy Checkbox And Radio Button With Multiple Color Options
Arforms has nice set of fancy checkbox and radio buttons which can show uniform in all desktop and mobile devices. with multiple style and colors. with ratina display support.
Progressive File Upload Facility Without FLASH
ARForms has very nice feature to upload the files with Ajax submission As well as Normal submission method. With ARForms, you can upload files without flash. You can see live progress of file uploading. File upload is also working without FLASH with all popular browsers.
Detailed Documentation With Dedicated Support
New to ARForms?? Don’t worry. We have fully featured documentation for you to better understand all the features of ARForms. Our Detailed Documentation has all the information of how to install the ARForms plugin, How to apply global settings of ARForms, How to create forms within no time and how to use the created forms. ARForms has enriched documentation with video guidance of all the major sections.

ARForms gives you 24*7 support availabe for our valuable customers. You can read the real stories of our strongest support to our customers at:

Here’s A few words from some of the people we’ve been delighted to work with!
Multiple Ways To Integrate Forms In Wordpress
ARForms comes with many varieties of forms representation. You can add forms with following different method

In page itself
In popup ( with link / button)
In Flyin Popup ( Right position / Left position )
In Sticky Popup ( Top position / bottom position )
In page sidebar
In template files

So, these are the ways you can display your forms in your websites.
Responsive Forms
With ARForms, you can build fully responsive forms which you can build for any mobile devices. Forms are so flexible that can display perfectly with any mobile device.
Bootstrap Compatible Forms
ARForms has very nice interface to create, manage and display the forms with bootstrap. All the validation are done by Bootstrap and bootstrap modal windows are there to display form in popups.
Ajax Enabled Advanced Forms
ARForms has facility to submit and validate forms with Ajax and normal method. Customers can submit the forms without re-loading the page.
Ready Form Templates Available
Range of Beautiful ready form templates are available with ARForms. You can create forms by deriving the templates. All basic form templates are available to create nice forms.
Full Featured Email Auto Responder Facility
With ARForms, you can send auto responder mail to your customers after they just submitted the form. You can send email with custom message and can set From/Reply to name and email address.
Custom CSS setup facility for advanced users with google font support
ARForms has facility to setup custom css as well styling property at Form level as well as field level. you can apply properties to form labels, form elements, Form wrapper etc. You can set inline property and class level property for particular field also. Arforms is very flexible in applying custom styling. Arforms also have support of google custom fonts so, user get widest variety in styling forms.
Multi Lingual Admin Section (WPML)
One more Beautyful thing of ARForms is, you can find ARFomrs admin part in your native language. YES! ARForms is supporting various 11 languages like English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, Dutch languages by default. thats not all, you can add more language by just wpml plugin and it will work just fine on Arforms.
Multi Column Form Supported
Create wonderful multi column forms with just a single click. You can create forms with Two columns layout and Three columns layout. Just arrange the fields in multiple columns as per your requirement and give your form even better look than single column forms. lots of flexibility in creating up multi column forms.