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Input Field Types

There are numbers of input field types provided by ARForms to make its form a superior and fully functioned in its class of other Form Builders as well as many Advance Element has also been provided by ARForms.

Let’s have a look various Input Field Types:

    1. Single Line Input

      Single Line Text fields are the most commonly used field type.The Single Line Text field allows users to submit a single line of text. They are typically used to insert a small amount of text, such as a First Name, Last Name , city etc.

    2. Single line Input

      Here you can see Prefix / Suffix Icon option which allow you to an icon into your field which makes form appearance more attractive and leads to Iconic Form.

    3. Multi Line Input.

      Multi Line Input fields are used to insert multiple lines of text, such as a description or address. The Multi Line Input allows a user to enter text in a textarea form field and for more option regarding Multi Line Input you can set it from Field Option popup.

    4. Checkboxes.

      Checkbox button is also an another most commonly used field, it’s used where we want to allow the user to choose multiple options from a list of options. some predefined list of options are given over here and a user can also add more manually or by .CSV file and use for future use.

      You are also able to allow your user to check limited number of options and show message to user when he/she check options more then you have allowed. For that you need to set Max Option Selected and enter Max Option Selected Message at field options for checkbox.

    5. CheckBox

      As we all know the use of checkbox but here ARForms extend its UI from simple checkbox to Image Over Checkbox, user can also add different images as well as maintain their values separating.


      “Category” and “Tags” for preset field are only displayed when there is at-least one category or tag is available.

      “WooCommerce Products” for preset field will be displayed only when the WooCommerce is active and has at-least one product is added to the store.

    6. Radio Buttons.

      Radio button is also an another most commonly used field, it’s used where we want to give only one choice to select from list options. Some predefined list of options are given over here and a user can also add more manually or by .CSV file and use for future use Like, Checkbox Radio button of ARForms also provides the facility of Image over a radio.

      If you have checked default radio button option and you may no need of that then click on reset icon at Edit options popup.

    7. Drop Down.

      Dropdown field gives combo box with lists of options from which user can select anyone. User Manage Option to add more option to list.Some predefined list of options are given over here and a user can also add more manually or by .CSV file and use for future use.

      Field Option SelectBox
    8. File Upload.

      File Upload is used to give upload field control to user ie. if we want some file from user / we want to get some documents then this control is used.

    9. File Upload

      To manage file upload button various field option are provided like Allowed File type, Attach the file in emails, dragging a file, enable multiple file upload, and limit the maximum number of files.

      Enable Multiple File Upload

      Allow user to upload multiple files by enabling this option from file upload field options. Multiple File upload allows to select or Drop (if Enable Droppable Area) multiple files in single time.

      Multiple File Upload

      Enable Crop & Rotate Image

      By enabling this option, a user can crop or rotate the uploaded image.

      Enable Crop & Rotate

      After enable crop & rotate image from field option you will get option for crop & rotate image on front side when you upload any image as display in given screenshot.

      Enable Crop & Rotate

      Once you uploaded image from file upload field you will get crop & rotate image popup model.

      If you want to crop image then you have to click on crop image button then after you will get crop area selection box in which you can manage section of image to be crop.

      If you want to rotate image you have to click on rotate image button.

      After crop & rotate completed you can click on “Done” button to complete your task.

      You can also reset image to actual size by clicking on reset button.

      Crop & Rotate image option will be available only with Ajax Form Submission Type.

      Only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files will be available for crop & rotate image.

      If an ‘Enable Multiple File Upload’ option is enabled for the file upload control then Crop & Rotate image option will be disabled.

    10. Email Address.

      This field is mainly used when user has to enter email, with ARForms you can add icons to field and also Confirm Email is also managed automatically you don’t have to manage field separately for it, you just have to switch on confirm email from field options.

    11. Email address
    12. Number.

      Number field allows user to enter only numbers rather than entering any alphabetic values.Number field in ARForms allows number rang which can be managed by field-option of number field.

    13. Phone Number.

      Phone Number field allows user to enter only numbers, restricting entering any alphabetic values.Phone field provides various number format like 111-123-4567, (111) 123-456 and much more formats are provided inside Phone Number Field Option.

      ARForms also allows to enable country flag where you can handle to include/exclude country codes in phone number field by just check/uncheck countries. If this option is enabled you will have another option to enable Country wise number validation to validate entered phone number country wise.

      Phone Number - Country Flag
    14. Date.

      Date field provides a calendar interface to user to select a particular date.Here you can manage Off days, calendar localization (a kind of different calendar format depending on languages), date range so user can’t select any other date beyond that and much other functionality to calendar from field option of date.

    15. Date Field Options
    16. Time.

      Like date field time field allows user to select particular time as an input directly from a timepicker.Here you can select 24-hour or 12-hour format, icons for field and other settings from field option.

    17. Website /URL.

      This field is used to enter URL of user website /other websites , this field validate website URL enter by  user and like other field this field also has various field options to manage field.

    18. Image URL.

      Unlike Website URL, Image URL is used by user when he doesn’t want to upload an image just want directly load from other URL here also you can field option manage Image URL field.

    19. Password.

      Password field is used when you want some credential to be entered by user these may be users password.ARForms facilitates with Confirm Password option in field option of password field so you don’t require to manage confirm password field separately, apart from this there will be many more option to manage password field.

    20. Password Field Options

      ARForms version 5.0 has included a new option for password field to force users to enter strong password. It’ll help your visitor to enter the strong password while filling up the password.

      Please note that basic strong password should match for 1 Uppercase, 1 Lowercase, 1 Number, 1 Special Characters and should be minimum 8 character long. Also, if entered password contains the non-english characters (for eg. arabic, chinese, japanese, etc) then it’ll match for 1 non-english character, 1 number, and minimum 8 character long.

    21. Star Rating.

      Star Rating is an exclusive field provided by ARForms which represents stars as an input, the user has to select start on focus/hover the color of starts get changes which represent user input.This field is used in many cases like Feedback in a number of stars.

    22. Star rating Field Option

      You can manage start field’s number of stars to be appeared on the front end, size of star and color of stars.

    23. Like Button.

      ARForms provides a kind of field whose value is either true or false, ie. Like or Dislike.This field can be used to get input from a user in like or dislike. Here you can change the label of Like/ Dislike and color of either.

    24. Slider.

      Slider field allows users to enter input by sliding a handle along the slider. You can also make this slider as range slider where you will observer that user gets two handles on a slider to select range of value.

    25. Slider Field Option

      Other options are available to manage this field in side field option as mention in image

    26. Color Picker.

      Color Pickers allows user to select unlimited colors from a color palette, ARForms provides two type of color palettes Basic and Advance. The basic color palette has limited color selection options.it has predefined list of color, while Advance color palette allows user to select unlimited color option.

    27. Smiley.

      Smiley field provides the user an emojis interface which on selecting return data as mention in field-option. Smiley field is an exclusive feature of ARForms more over predefined Smiley you can add images or icon as smiley to extend this exciting feature

    28. Smiley Field Options
    29. Autocomplete.

      Autocomplete field gives user form filling experience much higher as it gives lists of suggestion on typing a data in field, this list of suggestion gets from list you manage in Autocomplete field option.

    30. Autocomplete Field Options

      List of options of Autocomplete can be uploaded by .CSV field or even can write manually.

    31. Switch.

      The Switch field is mostly used to get binary value from users. ARForms Provide switch field with different options like, set label name, set right label and value, set left label and value, etc.

    32. Switch Field Options
    33. Credit Card.

      You may require to get payment on submitting the form for which you need to add fields like Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiration Month, Expiration Year, CVC and change fields options and settings.

      ARForms provides Credit Card field to reduce your lots of work in just one click. When you add Credit Card field in your form it will add 5 individual fields with pre-defined settings which can be managed separately.

    34. Multi Select

      The Multi-Select field gives a combo box with lists of options (same as the dropdown) from which the user can select more than one option. Some predefined list of options is given over here and a user can also add more options manually or by uploading CSV file and use for future use.

    35. ARForms - Credit Card

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