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ARForms Setup Wizard

Steps to Create a form using ARForms

  • Add New Form (using template or from scratch).

    First of all you have to add new form in newly configured ARForm, here you will get an options for templates also can build from scratch by adding field to form.

  • After Creating a form there are different ways of embedding form.

    To display a form at the front-end, you just need to add a shortcode of that form into your page and this can be done simply by using Add ARForms button in Add New/Edit Pages. Further from this Modal Popup, you can choose how you want to display form in a page i.e. Form as Popup, open form on Page Load, Sticky Form and many more.

    1. Page.
    2. Post.
    3. Link.
    4. Button.
    5. Direct Navigation.
    6. Form in Widget
    More Details
  • Entries and Analytics.

    After successful submission of a form, all data entered by user will get saved, the submitted data for all forms can be viewed in Form Entries > Entries List List tab.You can search List of entries Form-wise & Entry Date-wise

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