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Custom Webhook URL

ARForms provides facility to send submitted form data silently to custom URL so that you can integrate 3rd party integration with ARForms. To enable webhook please follow the below steps.

  • Open the form in the edit mode and click on ‘Submit Action’ from the top belt.
  • Enable “Send Form data internally to custom URL (webhook)” option and set the URL where you want to send the data to perform 3rd party integration
  • ARForms webhook URL settings
  • After submitting the form, data will be send internally to the given URL using POST method
  • ARForms webhook URL form
  • In your file, you can get the data by using $_POST[‘{field_id}’] where {field_id} will be replaced with the actual field id you’ve.
  • ARForms webhook URL file code
  • After fetching the data, you can perform your own process

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