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External database connection

Saving form data to an external table/database

To save submitted form data to an external database or table. In these cases, you will need to manually create the database table and columns.


You can use a tool such as phpMyAdmin to create the table and columns, it should be available via your hosting control panel with most hosting companies, or you can use the plugin WP phpMyAdmin.

If you aren’t familiar with creating MySQL tables, there are many tutorials and videos available for this on the web.

After that, Go to the ARForms Editor > Other Options > Click on ‘Database Connection’ sub menu. Now enable the switch “Enable Database Connection” > then enter the name of the table in the Database Table Name that exists on the database which is connected to your WordPress website.

If you want to use an external database ( not connected to your current WordPress website ), Then enable the “Use External table” and configure the database credentials like Database Host, Database name, Database Username, and Database Password. Please double confirm such details with your hosting provider. After thatn, map form fields with the table columns, first of all, select the Form Fields from the Field dropdown and respectively add the column name that you’ve created on the table and click on OK, and save the changes.

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