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Restrict Submission of a Form

ARForms form builder provides facility to restrict Form Entries using restriction methods provides by ARForms in Add/edit Form > Other Option > General Options just by clicking  options of Restrict Form Entries here you will see list of form restriction methods and also you have to give customize message on restriction of form.

ARForms provides numbers of ways in which you can restrict form submission :

  • After Maximum Entries Form will be not displayed after the number of entries defined by user has been reached and Restricted Entry Message will be shown.
  • Maximum Entries
  • Before Specific Date Form will be displayed only until date entered in this setting has been occurs.
  • After Specific Date Form will be displayed after date entered in this setting has been passed.
  • Restrict Entry Before Specific date
  • Between Two Dates Form will not to be displayed in between two date entered by user inside this section.
  • Restrict Entries Between two dates

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