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Styles to display forms

ARForms gives an  awesome ways to display forms on a page or a post, this different ways of displaying from has been achieved by displaying form in popup with various types of animations, buttons, position of button to open a form and much more.Lets see all these in details ,

  • Link link_type

    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} desc='{caption of a link}' type='link' height='auto' width='800' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' ].


  • Button type button

    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} desc='Click here to open Form' type='button' height='auto' width='800' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' bgcolor='#808080' txtcolor='#FFFFFF' modal_bgcolor='#000000' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' ].


  • Image type image

    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} desc='Click here to open Form' type='image' width='800' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' arf_img_url='https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1612151855475-877969f4a6cc?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8aGQlMjBpbWFnZXxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&w=1000&q=80' arf_img_height='200' arf_img_width='200' bgcolor='#808080' txtcolor='#FFFFFF' modal_bgcolor='#000000' hide_popup_for_loggedin_user='no' ].


  • Sticky Sticky Form

    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} desc='Customize Text on From Button' type='sticky' position='bottom' height='auto' width='800' bgcolor='#1bbae1' txtcolor='#1119FF' ].


  • FLY type fly

    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} desc='Click here to open Form' type='fly' position='left' height='auto' width='800' angle='0' bgcolor='#2d6dae' txtcolor='#FFFFFF'].


  • On Page Load


    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} type='onload' height='auto' width='800' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000']


  • On Page Scroll


    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} type='scroll' height='auto' width='800' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' on_scroll='10' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000' ]


  • On Timer(Scheduled)


    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} type='onload' height='auto' width='800' on_delay='50' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000']


  • On Exit(Exit Intent)


    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} type='on_exit' height='auto' width='800' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000' ]


  • On Idle


    [ ARForms_popup id={form_id} type='on_idle' height='auto' width='800' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' inactive_min='1' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' bgcolor='#FFFFFF' txtcolor='#FFFFFF' modal_bgcolor='#000000']

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