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Pre Populated Userdata

[arf_current_user_detail field=”USER_META_KEY”]

Place this shortcode in any fields like single-line text, multi-line text, Email, Number, etc.. which will be replaced by the value of entered user meta key of currently logged in user in front-end, if the user is not logged in or meta key is not available then it will be replaced with a blank.

USER_META_KEY – Enter user meta key here like user_login, user_email.

For Example
[arf_current_user_detail field="user_email"] 

will return user's email address like,


Note: This will work for logged in users only. Otherwise, values will be replaced with blank.

From ARForms version 4.3, you can pre-populate BuddyPress extended profile fields data as default value. You just need to use the BuddyPress profile field label name in the field attribute.

Note: To use this feature, BuddyPress should be installed and activated. Otherwise, values will be replaced with blank. If multiple BuddyPress fields has the same name, then the first field value will be set as the field value.

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