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Manage Incomplete Entries

Partial Filled Form EntriesNew

ARForms allow you to view the incomplete entry of a particular form. It will show you all the details which reside within a form. Even you can hide fields from the list which you want. To get a list of Partial filled form entries goto Form Entries page.

ARForms - Incomplete Entries List

Filtering Partial Filled Form Entries

Incomplete submissions can be filtered by date as well as a search query.

Filter Partial Filled Entries
  • To search entries you must select the form for which you want incomplete entries, it’s mandatory.
  • To search in a date range, enter your beginning and ending dates in the filter.
  • You can also search entries by any keyword form incomplete entry list.
  •  Even you can hide fields from list which you want, you can select field as illustrated below.
Filter Entries From Column

Move to Entries List by click this icon you can move incomplete entries into form Entries list.

ARForms Move to Entries list

Deletion of incomplete entries can be performed on multi as well as a single entry, to delete any single incomplete entry you just need to click on the trash icon a confirmation popup will appear which on confirms delete that incomplete entry permanently. Another way to delete incomplete entries is by selection entry by checkbox, after that goto Bulk Action combo and select delete, then you will get confirmation popup which deletes all selected entries permanently on your confirmation.

You can perform bulk actions to delete entries, export entries, and also move to entries list.

ARForms Incomplete Entries Bulk Actions

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