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Pre Populated Popup Forms

ARForms provides a facility to pre-populate popup form fields. You can achieve it without using the query string to the URL of your form.

Let’s see in detail with an example.

For example, you have a field labeled as ‘City’ and you want this field populated as ‘New York’ in your modal(popup) form then you just need to add one more parameter in shortcode for ARForms popup which is preset_data.

Following is a pattern to pre populate specific field in popup,

"FIELD_ID" – replace this with your specific form field id.
"VALUE" – replace this with value for specific form field you want to populate with.

Now your shortcode will be like,

[ ARForms_popup id=123 desc='Click here to open Form' type='link' width='800' modaleffect='fade_in' is_fullscreen='no' overlay='0.6' is_close_link='yes' modal_bgcolor='#000000' preset_data="item_meta_1000||New York" ]

Pre Populate Multiple Fields

You can pre populate multiple fields of your form in popup using ~!~ separator.

Following is a pattern to pre populate specific field in popup,

preset_data="item_meta_1000||New York~!~item_meta_1001||USA"

Pre Populate Checkbox Fields

You can pre populate checkbox field too. To check multiple options of your checkbox field in popup you need to add values using ^!^ separator just like following,


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