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Running Total ( Match Logic )

Creating a Running Total / Math Logic

Running Total in ARForms provides math logic or in simple language, you can say that when we need calculation of two or more field then this can be achieved by using Running Total.

Running Total is performed in HTML field inside field-options, steps to perform Running Total are as shown below.

HTML running total add fields

When you want to add formulas for math logic, you need to check this checkbox (Enable Running Total). When you will check this checkbox, it will automatically add a pair of tag <arftotal></arftotal> (Opening and closing tag).

You will be able to see a sample formula as displayed. Here, you will be able to see ‘Add Field’ dropdown from where you can add form fields for calculation and list of an operand to do a calculation. Even there is a facility to check formula whether it is valid or not just by clicking on Validate Formula.

Sigma Icon

After adding required running total you will find that a sigma icon will be enabled in HTML field, this “Sigma Icon” specifies that HTML field has “Running Total Enabled”.

HTML running total Sigma

Displaying the Calculation in Your Form

Displaying a calculation in your form is very easy,  with ARForms, it will be displayed where you have added an HTML field in which you wrote whole formula or math logic and you can add prefix as per your need before <arftotal></arftotal> tags.

let’s illustrate a case in which we add running total to field 

Running Total With Options

Running Total with Payment Addon

Running Total widely used to add final amount (result of running total) as a Price in Payment Addon, ie. my be product of amount and quantity or simply sum of two fields much can be explained by illustrating an example.

lets consider the above illustrated form and sum of two field ‘price’ & ‘charges’  as final amount to be paid by user.

Running Total With Payment Addon

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