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ARForms in Widget

With ARForms, you can display your form not only from page or post but also in a sidebar of your website pages. ARForms has a ready widget which you need to just drag into a sidebar and you are ready to publish your form !!

ARForms in Widget
  • go to “Appearance” => “widgets” from admin panel.
  • You will find “ARForms Form” widget in the widget list.
  • Drag that widget into any sidebar.
  • Give the title of widget, select the form you wish to display and its relevant options in a sidebar and click on “Save” button.
  • When setting ARForms in widgets, then with Internal Form Type, You can allow displaying your form with multicolumn by checking this checkbox “Enable multicolumn”.
  • customize widgets for your site add ARForms in widgets with Disable Multicolumn in Form options. Using this option you can Disable/Enable multicolumn in the form of the widget by check/uncheck Disable Multicolumn in Form option.
ARForms in Widget

Here, also you can give all possible style to your form that will reside as widget in our page.

ARForms Widget With WordPress Gutenberg Editor New

As WordPress has updated its default editor from classic editor to Gutenberg editor in widgets area from v5.8.0, ARForms has also updated its widget to make it compatible with both classic editor and Gutenberg editor.

ARForms guternberg editor
  • go to “Appearance” => “widgets” from admin panel.
  • Click on + button to add new widget in any widgets area like sidebar, footer, etc..
  • Search for “ARForms Form” and You will find the “ARForms Form” widget in the widget list.
  • Click on the “ARForms Forms” widget to add it.
  • Click on Update button at top right corner of the widgets panel.
  • You can Enable/Disable multicolumn in the form in the widget by check/uncheck Disable Multicolumn in Form option.
ARForms guternberg editor

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