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Multicolumn & Resizable

Multi Column

ARForms provides excellent functionality to arrange field in multiple columns. You have options to select a number of columns you want in a row.You can arrange fields upto six column.By default field is arranged in one column, you have to arrange it into a required column.

Illustration of Multi Columns,

1.One Column:

by default, all elements are arranged in one column.

2.Two Column:

while clicking on two column icon, as shown below the row will divide into two equal columns.


3.Three Column: 

Similarly as two column we can also generate three equal column by clicking in three column icon as shown below.


4. Four, Five and Six column:

Similarly we can get upto Six column in a row by clicking respective icons.


Resizable Column

Apart from the explicit feature of multi-column ARForms also provides resizing of each column with appealing to the sense UI, here you must aware of that resizing of each column can be limit to some existence and minimum upto which any field can be minimized to 15% of its column.

Field Resizable

Using resizable each field can resize upto required size and arrangement can be achieved as desired.

Like you can see below, from which has been arranged as per requirement of size of each field, which makes forms design more pleasing.

Field Resizable

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