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How to Add a Sticky Sidebar Floating Widget in your WordPress site

4 min read
You might have used Sticky header in your Wordpress site where your site visitors can easily navigate to the important pages while scrolling the pages of the Wordpress site.

Similarly, floating elements like a sticky sidebar that stick to your screen while you scroll have a higher click-through and conversion rates.

There can be several elements that you can keep on floating through your website like footer bar, a sidebar with newsletter opt-in, header bar and for showcasing popular posts.

What about the Sticky Sidebar?

Have you got a sticky sidebar floating widget in your Wordpress site? If not, then you're just one step closer to the edge!

First, Let's Understand the Use of a Sticky Sidebar Floating Widget
A sticky sidebar widget simply carries information at the sidebar place so whenever a visitor of your Wordpress site scrolls down the page then, it gets stuck and holds the position throughout the page.

The good side of using a sticky sidebar floating widget is there is a higher potential to increase interaction.

Let me share with you some secret over here!
It's harder to forget something that sticks with you throughout the page and during the scroll down of a page. The reason is, it's been noticeable and not hidden behind the scenes!

In other words, what you think can be the reason behind some of the best blog sites keeping their best post in front of the audience in a sticky sidebar as a sticky post?

Just because the people get encouraged and act towards that specific post!
Here, I'm pointing out exactly how to add a sticky sidebar floating widget in Wordpress.
Let's jump straight to the points:

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

If you want to head towards installing and activating a sticky sidebar widget that can help you grab your site visitors attention then let Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin be your first go-to choice.

The first step to install Q2W3 fixed widget for Wordpress plugin is

Step 1: From your Wordpress dashboard select Plugins> Add New, then search for Q2W3 fixed widget for Wordpress plugin.
Step 2: Now, install and activate the plugin on your Wordpress site.
Step 3: After the successful installation of the plugin, click on the Widget section and go to the “Fixed Widget” checkbox and select it.

Now it's all set and done. You can add any type of sticky widget to your sidebar.
It's as simple as that!

Pro Tip: Don't try to add multiple items to your sidebar as things could look more weird and awkward while doing so.

Try to make any alternative predictions for showcasing sidebar over here!
Just show up the best type of newsletters opt-in, product banner or the best readable content like some useful post that remains floated.

WP Sticky Sidebar

WP Sticky Sidebar plugin is a useful sidebar widget that makes your floating sidebar menu always visible.

Once you get this plugin installed and activated in your Wordpress site then you will never have to worry about the fixed sidebar anymore. The sidebar will always remain visible on a webpage where you have set that sidebar widget for!

Surprisingly, in the WP Sticky Sidebar plugin, there are certain pro features in its premium version like adding CSS styles, showing unlimited social share buttons on any page/posts

Besides, the WP Sticky Sidebar is a responsive ready and also facilitates to hide the floating sidebar on the small screen.

The installation of this plugin is the same as the above plugin. Just install and activate and you can easily fine-tune the sidebar positions and other settings.

Benefits you get in WP Sticky Sidebar plugin Free Plan
  • Sticky Sidebar CSS Class/ID
  • Container Class containing sidebar menu and content both
  • Disable Sticky Sidebar for smaller screen
  • Floating sidebar menu height updating
  • Additional Bottom Margin
  • Additional Top Margin

Bonus Tip: With a floating sidebar widget you can guide your site visitors to find a better page that they might be looking for to reduce the bounce rate.

Wrapping Up

To boost the content visibility, sign-ups and improve the user's loyalty all together sticky floating sidebar widget can be used to get the optimal result.

Further, keeping your sticky sidebar floating with a simple and plain design can make a great impact on your site visitors.

I hope you found this article helpful and drove you ahead for the easy implementation of a sticky sidebar floating widget.

Let us know your thoughts on applying the same on your Wordpress site in the comment section below!
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