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SMS Integration

Using SMS With ARForms Add-On, you can send customizable text messages as a part of form notification to users as well as the site administrators. You can send SMS by configuring multiple SMS Gateways. Those are 1) Twilio 2) Clickatell 3) SMSGlobal 4) Nexmo. To send an SMS notification to users, Create a form that included a Phone Number field and select the SMS gateway from Twilio, SMSGlobal, Nexmo, Clickatell and then configure the appropriate field to send a message. The user will be notified immediately after filling out the form to his number. This addon requires at least version 2.7.3 of ARForms. Please make sure that your ARForms plugin is up to date before installing this extension.
Key Features
  • Automatically send an SMS notification when a form is submitted.
  • Integrate with the ARForms PayPal Add-On to only send an SMS notification after payment has been confirmed.
  • Send customized text message for Site Administrator and Users.
  • Multiple SMS Gateway to configure.1) Twilio 2) SMSGlobal 3) Nexmo 4) Clickatell
  • Facility to send test SMS

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