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Published On March 12, 2020

Before you realize the value of the time, has it happened that you got stuck in the time pendulum? If so is the case, then that's true for many people having a hectic work schedule in today's world.

You might have used Sticky header in your Wordpress site where your site visitors can easily navigate to the important pages while scrolling the pages of the Wordpress site.

Do you know that your Wordpress posts can be scheduled and published at a later time? Yes, it's possible for your Wordpress blog posts as there is a built-in Wordpress post scheduler where you can add a future date and time to publish your blog article.

So, the next time whenever you have a bunch of blog posts to publish, then you can simply schedule the posts to the later date after you finished writing for that article.

Published On March 6, 2019

You might have wondered why it is always advised to have a contact form on your website. Why can’t you use your email address instead? It can equally get your job done. Afterall you only need a medium to help your visitors reach out to you.

While that isn’t a bad idea, I will tell you why exactly you should not do that and how a Contact Form can help you boost your business. So let's check them out. 

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