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Top 3 Tips on How to Incentivize Your Website Visitors to Use the Web Forms

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Web forms are crucial in getting website conversions. But a whopping 80% of visitors have abandoned at least one web form.

A survey of over 500 people made by The Manifest shows why people abandon web forms. Businesses can use this data to improve their forms to increase sign-ups, close more sales and achieve other target conversions.

Part of their findings showed that security concerns are the most significant impediment keeping users from completing their web forms. With 29% of them quitting before completion. While 27% of users abandon their forms because it takes too long to finish.

When these potential customers leave, it is improbable they will return. 67% of visitors abandon the whole process altogether. As compared to the 20% who bother to make any follow-ups.

In this article, we're going to learn how to incentivize your website visitors to use your web forms. We'll give you 3 fundamental principles on how you can design an effective and amazing web form to increase conversion rates and get the most out of your traffic.

What Are Survey Incentives?

But really, what are survey incentives in the first place? As the name suggests, it encourages the target participants to finish the surveys by offering them gifts, whether in cash or kind. Your primary focus should be drawing and keeping their attention so you will get the most honest responses from your website visitors.

When Are Survey Incentives Utilized?

High response rates don't always equate to success. Market researchers and businesses should use data to drive their decisions on using incentives.

For instance, there is a need to fill up a demographic, but the response rates are relatively low. Survey incentives aim to pump up this indicator. These days, you can't expect people to do things for free. If they get nothing out of it, they simply won't bite.

Different Types of Survey Incentives

There are three types of survey incentives. The monetary, non-monetary, and hybrid incentives. Let’s dig deeper into that.

Monetary Incentives

These aim to motivate respondents to complete the surveys via monetary or currency-based compensation. They will receive such gifts only if they fill out their web forms. It is important to remember that a reliable online survey tool is critical to guarantee that no invalid surveys will get through.

Some examples of monetary incentives are:

  • Cash - Depending on the length and type of audience the survey has.

  • Gift Cards - To your business that will double as a marketing strategy to promote your brand

  • Coupons - Again, of your brand offering discounts or markdowns of your best-selling products/services.

  • Checks or Money Orders - Can double as proof of residence if you need data from a specific area or location.

  • Donating to Charity - Respondents have the option of donating to your chosen charity with their names appearing as donors

Non-Monetary Incentives
These incentives are still valuable and even more practical for B2B companies. Especially when meager financial incentives won't cut it. Here are some examples:

  • Product Samples - Saves company resources while gathering important customer data

  • Free Trials - Work great for companies offering media. Online publications, podcasts, and other video content. Run this for a couple of days up to a week

  • Reward Plan - More commonly known as loyalty programs. By giving them a taste of the perks and privileges of a loyal customer, they are more likely to have piqued interest in your company.

  • Business Literature - Best suited for your B2B online visitors who wish to learn more about your company's goods and services. These can be in the form of newsletters, brochures, white paper, and product catalogs.

  • Affiliate Benefits - Great for B2C and B2B businesses looking to collaborate in survey research. These kinds of affiliations and partnerships give broader exposure to your company.

Hybrid Incentives
The third option is merging the two methods and giving out multiple incentives in return. Best used for specific market segments as some of them tend to be more receptive to one type of incentive over another.

  • Raffle Draw - Each respondent has an equal chance of winning. Prizes vary from monetary to products, services, or even experiences.

  • Giveaways - Unlike raffle draws, which guarantee all respondents to win something, the difference lies in what they can receive. One may win a product voucher, while the other a discount coupon.

  • Games - For those who wish to have more exciting and interactive participation. Reeling in respondents to play for a chance to win an awesome prize.

Now, incentivizing your website visitors is great, but this will not be enough. From the get-go, you need to know the best form optimization techniques for you to improve your conversion rates and take advantage of that high traffic. Here are smart ways to do just that.

3 Fundamental Principles On Webform Design to Increase Form Conversion Rate

1. Utilize Directional Cues

These are signals to tell your customers to complete an action. They can be in the form of images, text, shapes, and even videos that make great directional cues. You can use a photo of someone looking at your form, for instance.

Why will this work? We are social creatures that gravitate to what other people are also looking at. So if you have an image of someone looking at your forms with their head or eyes pointing to them, or your body holding your form, that would be effective. An arrow can also be an influential symbol to follow.

If you're looking to optimize the process of creating forms, there are tools available for that such as a WordPress Form Builder Plugin.

2. Use Contrast

Not only will it make your web forms stand out, but it will also make things easier for people to know what you need them to focus on.

Many of the available web forms you can now create within seconds. But the contrast would make your object more distinguished via object limitation and brightness of color. Putting primary and complementary colors together will make your forms stand out and you have a higher chance to increase form fills.

3. Make CTA Buttons Stand Out

We cannot stress enough how important your Call To Action button is. This is the last action your potential customers are going to make before proceeding to another page.

Thus, it is highly critical that you get this portion of the form correctly. People need to know what is going to happen after pressing those buttons. Remember that your text and the overall appearance are just as important.

Never leave SUBMIT as your default text button. It must be a sentence starting with a phrase. Like, "I wish to subscribe to a newsletter", or "Start Free Trial Today". The main focus is on making these CTA buttons pop out.

Incentives+Amazing Web Form Design= Increased Conversion Rates

Generally speaking, people will fill out a web form if they find it brief, straightforward, and most of all, secure. As a business, avoid using advertising, upselling, or giving out extraneous questions just to get higher conversion rates.

Improving online forms should be a continuous effort. Rigorous test changes are there to better understand their target audience.

Never get tired of innovating. Website pop-up ideas and a more user-friendly interface are great ways to keep your audience engaged.

Do not be discouraged when someone abandons your web forms. Instead, reach out to your visitors via phone or email. Exert effort so you can win back a conversion.

Look at web forms as an amazing form of customer service. This way you can be sure that these forms will align with your company's values and provide users with the best customer experience possible. And to guarantee cost-effective and streamlined business transactions, make sure you also have the best help desk software available.
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