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Ways to display form

ARForms gives an awesome ways to display forms on a page or a post, this different ways of displaying from has been achieved by displaying form in popup with various types of animations, buttons, position of button to open a form and much more.Lets see all these in details ,

  • Simple These display form in full page.
  • Display Simple Form
  • Link These shows a link on page or post with a caption we given in desc apart from these other arguments can be given.
  • Button These show a button with text which we gave in shortcode in desc argument or default text provide in it.
  • Navigation Menu
  • This is an extraordinary feature provided by ARForms to display a form in navigation menu as a link.

    To avail this feature your theme must support this.

    Form in Navigation Menu
  • Widget
  • Using this feature you can put your form into a widget.

    Form in Widget

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